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Make high-quality phone calls through the internet with CloudTalk's Digital VoIP Services, saving money and letting you focus on your mission. Book a free consultation below to get started.

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CloudTalk’s Digital VoIP Phone Services allows you to make and receive high quality phone calls through the internet, rather than through a regular landline or a mobile network.


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Unlike most other VoIP Business Phone System providers, CloudTalk does not charge by user. You can expect to save 30-60% on your monthly bill.

Don’t have a tech support person? No problem! All of our phones come pre-configured, set up and ready to go!

All packages include “porting” (transferring) your existing Canadian or USA based phone number.

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With our VoIP App you can always be sure that you can

Take calls anywhere, anytime - without extra costs.

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We provide Full Customer


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How does VoIP work?

CloudTalk takes your analogue voice signals, and converts them into digital signals using a VoIP phone or computer software (softphone).

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What Our Customers Have to Say

We reduced our phone costs over 70% per month. Cloudtalk was exceptionally resourceful in setting us up with a sub-contractor to supply additional wiring for the new VoIP system.

-Rev. Godwin Pinto

St. Patricks Parish

"We are very pleased with the new phone setup which gave each of our parish staff and individual rooms their own extensions. This is highly valued by our parishioners as they can more easily navigate through our voice system and speak directly to the person they wish to reach."

-Rev. Roshan D'Souza

St. Raphael Parish

"With CloudTalk we enjoy all the features and quality of a premium VoIP service including a customized IVR, voicemail to email with transcription, both hard and soft phones, and more. Switching our service to CloudTalk cut our telephone bill by more than half, yielding a savings of over $4,300 per year."

-Sean Ferris

Habitat for Humanity


What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows voice to be sent over the Internet. Using a broadband Internet connection and subscribing to a VoIP provider allows a person to make phone calls over the Internet.

First, voice is converted by a device from an analog signal to a digital signal. It is then sent over the Internet. This can be done with a VoIP phone (see our store for a list of options) or a piece of software called a softphone which installs on your computer such as MicroSIP

How does VoIP work?

There are several advantages to VoIP over a traditional phone service, such as, price, portability, and extra features.

What are the advantages of VoIP?

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