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Can I keep our existing phone and Fax numbers?

Absolutely! We “port” (a fancy name for transfer) your existing numbers. (Typically your main office number, as well as possibly a fax number)

What is needed to run our new system?

2 Requirements. As fast of an internet connection as possible & A network cable for each phone.     If you do not have a network cable in each of the rooms that will have a phone, we partner with local IT companies to assist you! Contact us to learn more about this and get pricing.

You say I need internet, how fast?

We recommend a minimum of 30 Mbps download and 5 Mbps Upload speed (For your IT person, that’s 30 down / 5 Up)

Check your speeds below.

I’m currently with Bell, Rogers Cogeco etc. How easy is it to switch?

A typical switch over can be done in less than a week!   … Super easy, barley an inconvenience.

Do I Need New Hardware?

If you are currently with Bell, Meridian or another “legacy” phone company you will have standard phone service. Cloudtalk uses “digital” phone. If you do not have a digital phone service, you will need to purchase new phones. We offer enterprise class digital phones with a unbeatable warranty. Contact us to find out more and get pricing.

How do I know if I have a Digital (VoIP) phone?

Digital phones usually have a colour or PCD screen. Digital phones require a internet connection and plug into the back of the phone. Network cables are wider at the ends, and are usually Blue, Yellow or other bright colours. See diagram Below:

Common Network Cables (CAT, CAT6)

Standard Phone Line (RJ45)

I am currently with a Digital (VoIP) company, can I use my existing hardware?

Although we recommend using our phones to guarantee Sound quality, you may use your existing Digital (VoIP) phones. We offer a service to remotely log into your existing phones to set them up on Cloudtalk. Speak to an Account manager to discuss pricing and find out if your phone is compatible.

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