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The primary difference between traditional phone systems (such as Bell, Telus, Rogers and Cogeco) and CloudTalk is how your service is calculated. Traditionally, phone companies charge you in one of two ways:

Per-line Pricing

This is normally how Big phone companies like Bell charge you.  They bill you anywhere between $29 and $59 per line per month. Depending on your requirements, or the size of your organization, you may also need what’s is called a “roll over” line. This is a fancy term for how many incoming calls at a time you can receive. You will be able to spot  the “roll-Over” numbers on your bill as there will be your primary phone number, then other numbers below that. This is why you may only have 1 primary line, but your bill shows 3 or 4 other numbers you have never heard of! That’s a Roll over number. And you pay for Each one of them! So take a look at your bill, and see how much you are spending every month!

Per-seat Pricing

This is  most common for many VoIP & Digital phone companies, (such as Jive, Ring Central, and Cogeco Cable). If you are with a digital phone company, you most likely have this pricing  model. This is the second most expensive option. They charge you “per phone” (known as Per Seat)  Their numbers are usually hidden  in the price. In the real life example below, the  customer was paying $399.50 for their “seats”. You can calculate how much you are paying “per seat” by dividing the amount of phones you have, buy the “cable seat / Business plan” line (399.50 / $17) works out to $23.50 per phone.

Here’s a Real Invoice

Why is this pricing so wrong?

This is where it gets interesting, in a “per Seat” pricing plan, you are paying for every phone to have the ability to make a call. In the above example, this  is great if you have need to make 17 simultaneous calls  at THE SAME TIME.   But business rarely operate this way! Think about it, you have, (in this example) 17 phones, but only make 2-3 calls simultaneously – AT THE SAME TIME. That is the Key difference. Perhaps one of your staff is off sick for a week, or you have a phone in a guest room, or the account has a phone, but only comes in once a week. You’re paying for 100% of the phones, to have a DEDICATED connection, 24x7 —  However the phones are only being used 10% to 20% of their time.    

What if you could SHARE your company’s  connections, with EVERY one of your phones? What if you could utilize the  phone capacity  not being used? the phone of someone off sick for a few days, or the Accountant that is only in 1 day a week? You would need Substantially less phone lines. Because ever one of the lines you did pay for, would be used by being shared over all the phones. 

What is a Channel? How does it differ from a “line”

Think of a Channel as the ability to make a call. (in the old days, they called these “trunks”) but it is simply the capacity in which you can make a simultaneous call. So if you purchase 4 Channels, your company can make 4 simultaneous calls at the same time. 

How do I know how many channels I need?

Typically most organizations use the ratio of 4:1 – So for every 4 staff members, you need one Channel. Our most Basic plan includes 3 “channels” which will support approx. 12 Staff !

With CloudTalk you will get the most efficient utilization of your monthly spend for Phones.  


Case Study #1 – Oakville Church

Money is always tight for any non-profit origination. If you a NFP or Church, you know the trials and tribulations of always wondering where the next donation will be coming from. It’s imperative that you watch every dollar  you spend. A dollar spent un-necessarily means you need to get a donation to pay for that. The above example, this Oakville church was paying $465.28 a month after Taxes. This included 17 “per Seat” lines, as well as network hardware. We were able to reduce their cost by almost $200 per month! Saving them over $2400 a year! Or $ 12,00 over a 5 year period!!

Why Choose Us?

Fair Pricing Rule

We constantly evaluate our service to insure you get the absolute best value. We constantly check to insure our price is the best! How do we do this?   Every time we meet with a new customer we offer a no commitment, free evaluation on your current phone system. We also have a team that checks our competition on a regular basis to insure we offer the best service, and the best pricing!

Don’t be surprised to save 30% to 60% switching to us!

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Canadian Owned & Operated

Our office is located in Burlington, Ontario Canada. Your phone traffic is routed form Burlington to our Datacenter located at 151 Front Street, in Toronto Ontario.   Keeping your privacy and data safe is something we take very seriously

2 Year Hardware Guarantee

We offer enterprise class digital phones.   All of our phones (Even our refurbished) are backed by a 2 year “repair or replace” guarantee. Our competition offer 90 days (on refurbished phones) and up to up 1 year (for new phones).   We offer 2 years on all the phones purchased through us!   If your CloudTalk phone fails, we will make it right!

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